Even the faithful can’t justify it…

Yesterday, I got home around about 3pm. Not long after that, my Twitter timeline is flooded. There’s not been a celebrity die. Christchurch hasn’t been hit by another earthquake. There’s no mass casualties. What has happened, though, is Winston Peters had been a very naughty boy. So naughty, in fact, that he was kicked out of Parliament.

To be completely honest, he should have been given the boot a few questions prior, when he was being a muppet as usual.

Then he took it too far. The video below should start when the whole fiasco begins, if it doesn’t though, you need to start around about 4 minutes. EDIT: It doesn’t, so you’ll want to scroll through. Or you can watch the whole thing. I don’t mind.

An “illiterate woodwork teacher”. Unjustified. Unpleasant. Unreasonable. But worst of all, intentional.

I brought this up with someone I would describe as “party faithful” (they’ve had a fair bit of coverage on some right-wing political blogs recently – and they’re loving it). He ignored the fact that it was offensive and commented on the other party of my statement (which was that he clearly fits well in the party).

Winston definitely makes Parliament interesting, that’s for certain. But there’s a line and he definitely crossed that line yesterday.


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  1. Hey Dan; am I the “party faithful” you mention…?

    Personally, I thought Winston’s riposte was excellent, and would reiterate that as far as I’m concerned, Brownlee started it.

    • Yes, Curwen, you are.

      How did Brownlee start it? He said Winston was vagarious in his questions. And quite frankly, he was. Brownlee, however, is not illiterate.

    • Oh, and Lockwood Smith was correct in pointing out that Winston did just see Brownlee told off, but Winston decided to do the same thing, except probably a step or two up.

      • Would you care to provide a recent example of Winston being “vagarious” in his questions…?

        And yes, thank you for stating the blindingly obvious by pointing out that Brownlee is not literally illiterate.

      • Well, the fact he kept going on about the internal workings on Auckland Council, which are entirely irrelevant to the situation? Might have something to do with it…

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