We could have an issue here….

The biggest problem in Australia recently has been the constant battle for leadership of the Labor Party. Unfortunately, we may have the same issue with TVNZ releasing a leaked letter tonight.

Let’s start at the beginning, with Nick Smith writing a letter of support regarding a personal friend’s ACC claim. He used Ministerial letterhead for the letter, which caused an outcry regarding the conflict of interest. It resulted in him resigning on March 21st.

Jump forward to today, where TVNZ releases a letter that says a number of prominent people supported the same person in an insurance claim. Included in this list of people is then Leader of the Opposition, John Key. A number of people within that list, including former Minister Wayne Mapp, have said that they did help with the claim. However, the Prime Minister is insistent that he was not involved and should not have been on that list.

The concerning thing is some of these people were involved with the situation. This makes it more feasible that the Prime Minister was involved and that he is now telling a lie. One would assume, if John Key truly was not involved with this, a full inquiry into what happened will be launched. If it is found that the Prime Minister was in any way involved, we may have a new Prime Minister within a few months – not good for stability during relatively tough economic times or when we’re in the process of trying to rebuild a destroyed city.

If you’re on iPredict, this is certainly one to watch. You may want to start selling some stock so you can buy “Prime Minister will resign” stocks if they’re released.


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