They’re doing what? Why would they… Oh it’s April 1st…..

When I woke up this morning, I looked at my phone and saw that I had received emails overnight. One of them, a press release from the Green Party, entitled “Green Party Announces New Leadership”.

I started reading through the release. And then I started to facepalm. Apparently, the Green Party is creating a new system of leadership where they have six co-leaders. They said it was to ensure that they had a fair balance with youth and “rainbow” people.

I then got to a quote by supposed new co-leader, Gareth Hughes:

“This is tots gangsta man, I’m gonna tweet this everywhere, said Green Party Co-leader Gareth Hughes.

This is tots gangsta. THIS IS TOTS GANGSTA?! Rage ensued at the utter stupidity of politics in this country.

Then I got to some “research” they had conducted.

Initial research by the Parliamentary Library suggests that if there is direct correlation between the number of leaders and voter support then the Green Party support will expand 3 fold from 11% to 33%.

Then thirty seconds later… Oh shit, what’s the date? April Fools. Ha.

Well played, Green Party. Well played. The “Amount Daniel Respects You Index” for you just increased significantly.


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