New Zealanders don’t like what the Government is doing. Except they do.

The common line we see from the opposition is that New Zealanders on mass do not like what the National-led Government is doing. The entire line of the Government is wrong and New Zealanders don’t want it. John Key’s “mandate” from the election is utter rubbish. Unfortunately for the opposition, what they’re saying is rubbish.

Let’s look at the figures. The percentage of people who think New Zealand is heading in the right direction has fluctuated between 49.5% and 61.5% since the beginning of 2011. People of think we’re going in the wrong direction has fluctuated between 24% and 34%. If we take the average as the more accurate, it is about 56% who say we’re going in the right direction and 29% who say we’re going in the wrong direction. Even if we compare the lowest percentage that say we’re going in the right direction (49.5%) with the highest percentage that say we’re going in the wrong direction (34%), it’s still pretty clear that New Zealanders are happy with what’s happening.

The left will say “but polls aren’t accurate” – right up to the point you mention that the opposition would be in Government if an election was held today according to the same poll. However, to answer that question, yes, when you’re looking at a single poll, it’s completely and utterly inaccurate. But when you’re looking at figures that have been collected over 14 months, you get a much more accurate picture.

Something else I wanted to point out about this poll – Labour must be getting a little scared. The Greens hit 17% here. That’s about 10 percentage points lower than Labour at the election. The Greens are certainly looking like they might be a force at the next election, and are definitely becoming a third major party. New Zealand’s political scene is starting to get interesting.


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