The drinking age – no, it shouldn’t rise

An article in the Waikato Times this morning talks about how raising the drinking age to 20 is “the only option”. People thinking this concerns me a little bit.

Before we go any further, I want to make it clear that I’m not against this for my personal gain. I’m 20 now, and even if they were to change it to 21, I would be 21 by the time the law changed, so personally I wouldn’t see any change (except for a reduction in the number of first years in bars – not necessarily a bad thing).

Back in June last year, I wrote about a press release saying we need to raise the age to 21 and how raising the age isn’t the answer. I said that hiding alcohol from people isn’t the answer – educating our young people is. I still stand by this.

Surely, if you can vote and go to war at age 18, you should be able to drink. If you’re not responsible enough to drink, you’re not responsible enough to vote and you’re definitely not responsible enough to go to war.

It’s pretty clear that the law is going to change. We are going to get the split age – 20 in bottle stores and 18 in bars. I have to admit, I’m disappointed in this fact.


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