‘Super-Auckland’ didn’t work – why try ‘Super-Waikato’?

Apparently, Hamilton Mayor, Julie Hardaker, wants to take a leaf out of Auckland’s book and create one Waikato Council. All I can say is do NOT do it.

As an Auckland voter (I reside in Auckland even though I’m studying in Hamilton), I take great interest in what’s happening in Auckland. Everything we were told about the Auckland ‘supercity’ was incorrect. We were told it was going to save us money, yet rates are still going up for most people. We were told it would mean Auckland had a more unified vision and all of Auckland would have the same opportunity. Instead, we’ve got funding for Len’s mates in South Auckland and funding for Auckland Central, but majorly reduced funding everywhere else. We were told it would be one rating system across Auckland. That was completely untrue – the North Shore is getting huge rate increases simply because Len says they can afford it. We were told it would mean services would be unified. That couldn’t have turned out to be more untrue. Manukau still has free access to rubbish dumps where most places in Auckland don’t. Manukau still has free public swimming pools – nowhere else in Auckland does. Len Brown says that Manukau NEEDS their free swimming pools, but they can’t afford it for anywhere else.

Why then, seeing the complete cock-up that was the “unification” of Auckland, would Julie Hardaker want to unify Waikato councils? In one word – money. The Hamilton City Council is in so much debt that it looks like they’re trying to put Greece to shame. The rural areas of Hamilton have a lot of farm land and therefore they pay high rates. High rates means more money in the coffers. More money in the coffers means debt can be paid off. I cannot see any other reason why anyone in their right mind would say this is a good idea otherwise.

The Waikato needs to stand up against this. Do what Auckland didn’t get the chance to do. Tell your councillors you don’t want this. If it goes to a referendum, vote no. Make sure you aren’t put in the same failure of a position that Aucklan


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