Time for a change – just not the one they’re suggesting

Here’s one for you – New Zealand Post has requested that the law be changed so that they can only deliver mail on less than half the days of the week. The New Zealand Herald has reported that the Board of NZ Post has requested a change in the law to allow them to reduce current delivery days from six to three.

The Board is saying that they can no longer cancel out the loss from reduced postal numbers by adding new products. Chief Executive, Brian Roach said “That’s very sad, but it’s inescapable.”

I beg to differ. In New Zealand, we have New Zealand Post, which is a State Owned Enterprise, but at it’s core it’s a business. Everywhere else, a postal service is seen as just that – a service. In the US, they even call it the US Postal SERVICE. It’s something that is just done because it’s required.

New Zealand Post offers something to the economy that a profit doesn’t necessarily offer. It would be short sighted for Tony Ryall to allow this change.

Something else I’m surprised about – why is Michael Cullen on all people asking for this rather than becoming what the public service that the post office should be? Given his political leanings, I would have thought this would be what his thoughts on the matter are too…


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