The talks went quiet? Let’s make ridiculous assumptions!

According to the Green Party, because SkyCity CEO, Nigel Morrison, said the talks with SkyCity over the national convention centre went “quite quiet” over the election, they must have been trying to hide it.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Why would the Government continue to negotiate this when they might not be in office after the election? Labour clearly wasn’t going to go with this option – just looking at their policy from the election you can see that they were happy for the country to economically be destroyed. So why continue negotiations when it mightn’t go ahead?

Another point to make, if the Government had continued the negotiations and that had got out, Labour would have potentially pulled that out of the bag saying the National Party is clearly being a little too complacent that they’re going to win the election. That could potentially move swing voters away from National.

Comments like these are just the Green Party trying to turn the public even further against the right decision. Things like this are the reason I cannot say it’s a bad thing that National has shown the Green Party where the door is. It’s unhelpful. They know that.


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