Rodders is right, John should step down

Rodney Hide has come out and said that John Banks should step down as a Minister in the Government after the allegation that he declared donations as anonymous when he knew they were from SkyCity (and now two from Kim Dotcom).

Banks should save Prime Minister John Key the embarrassment of having a Minister under police investigation according to Hide, though he said Banks should definitely stay as ACT leader, saying he needs to stand by the Key led Government to ensure stability.

Banks is saying he’s done nothing wrong and it’s all the media, like all embarrassed politicians seem to. Hide is effectively telling Banks to shut up – something he’s not wrong about. By making the noise he is, he is turning this into a media event. If he wants this to go away, and I’m sure he does, he would be better off not making comment at all. Assuming there’s not someone else in the shadows like Kim Dotcom (though that’s a wild assumption to make), the media will get bored.

Hide is looking at this with hindsight, given some of the issues he had to deal with as Act leader. Banks would be smart to listen to him – though I have no doubt he won’t.


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