Why I no longer care about saving TVNZ 7

I used to support TVNZ 7. I used to think it was a brilliant channel. Content on commercial stations is rubbish, something Peter Dunne was right on. Public broadcasting is great, but we’re not getting the value from TVNZ 7 that we could be getting. And quite frankly, the majority of content on TVNZ 7 now is not relevant to most people.

While I don’t agree with the editorial in The Press from yesterday, which said TVNZ 7 won’t be missed. It will be. TVNZ 7 has great benefits. I do like being able to flick on TVNZ 7 and see the news. That’s something I certainly will miss.

Having said that, what I would love to see is a complete reshuffle of TVNZ. Right now, TVNZ has five channels, One, 2, U, TVNZ 7 and TVNZ Heartland. I am entirely opposed to TVNZ Heartland – our public broadcaster shouldn’t have a purely pay TV channel. But I don’t really like the content on TVNZ channels at all. Assuming TVNZ doesn’t want to pay for new frequencies (oh, I could have so much more fun with this if they did….), I would like to see:

  • TVNZ One (general programming, 40+ demographics, similar to TV One now)
  • TVNZ Two (entertainment based programming, children’s programming during the day, 16-35 demographics after this)
  • TVNZ News (24/7 news programming, NZ equivalent of BBC News)
  • TVNZ Sport (similar to the idea that Network Ten in Australia had with One HD)

Given TVNZ Sport is highly unlikely to happen, I’d replace that with TVNZ Heartland, a channel for purely NZ content that’s free-to-air, rather than on a pay TV channel.

So, take TVNZ 7. Sure, the lack of news information isn’t the best, but I’ve got the internet that can give me what I need in that aspect. TV is becoming more and more irrelevant, and they’re not helping themselves.



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