Are they going to finally HOP to it?

Photograph by James Pole

Auckland finally looks set to get integrated public transport ticketing, with NZ Bus being told that enough is enough. You might remember back in February when I wrote about Snapper missing another deadline for becoming compatible with the Thales system. It seems that NZ Bus and Snapper are being told that the bell is finally tolling on their delays.

Gerry Brownlee has said that if they do not meet the next deadline, which is fast approaching, NZ Bus will be unable to carry passengers as it was a part of the contract NZ Bus has with NZTA and Auckland Transport. I assumed that NZ Bus would just be replacing the Snapper readers with Thales readers and their investment in the HOP with Snapper would have been a wasted cost. Looks like I was wrong there – NZ Bus would be losing their contracts for Auckland public transport.

NZ Bus did make a press release on the issue. This is probably the most ridiculous release I have ever seen:

Integrated Ticketing Auckland

Thursday, 21 June 2012, 5:13 pm
Press Release: NZ Bus

Integrated Ticketing Auckland

“NZ Bus are committed to and continue to work with Auckland Transport to deliver integrated ticketing in Auckland” said Zane Fulljames Chief Executive Officer NZ Bus.


What a brilliant piece of PR… If you’re so committed, why won’t you make it a reality? Why did you ever create the HOP with Snapper?

It has been an interesting year or so with HOP, but it looks like we might be about to get somewhere. The new HOP system is due to start operating by the end of November. About time.


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