Dear Metiria Turei, can you give me one of your money tree seeds?

Photograph by Annika Vogt

The Greens put out a press release today, as they do most days. Apparently Tariana Turia said she didn’t know about an issue at a Woman’s Refuge when it turns out she did. That was a bit of a silly thing to do.

That’s all fine, but that’s not all they’re saying with this. To quote from the release:

“[Refuges] operate on tenterhooks as they rely on Government funding, which at best is precarious, and at worst is grossly insufficient to protect all the women and children who need them.”

So, the Greens just added another thing to the list of things they want to spend money on. All I can assume is Metiria Turei has a seed for a money tree in her pocket. Yes, refuges are important, but what are you going to stop spending? If National ever stops spending on something, the Greens will cry foul. If they don’t increase spending, they’ll cry foul. Sometimes, I think the inability of the Green Party to do basic addition and subtraction proves our education system isn’t doing too well…..


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