Let’s spend millions of dollars to move a piece of paper down the road…

The Government has announced that they’re intending on moving the original Treaty of Waitangi, with a number of other historic documents, from Archives New Zealand to the National Library. It’s about 120 metres down the road, yet it will cost $6.7 million.

The Labour Party has said that this is a complete waste of money, and quite frankly, I agree.

When the National Party is delivering zero budgets and trying to get back into surplus, surely spending money on moving a piece of paper is just a waste. There is real necessity for the documents to move.

Yes, the National Library and Archives New Zealand have now been brought together as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and what they’re presumably doing is wanting to cut down on the costs for both buildings. Why don’t we wait until we can afford it. Unless it’s costing more than $1 million per year to run the Archives New Zealand building, they can wait five years until we’re back in surplus.

This really is disappointing to see. This is expenditure that is not necessary at this point. If you want to spend $6.7 million, spend it on some of the services that are being cut back on in order to keep us at a zero budget. Those services would be great to have, but personally, I understood the need to get back to surplus. I could accept that while we’re not spending millions of dollars on frivolous activities.

National either needs to put a stop to this, or stop pretending the cuts are so we can have a zero budget and get back to surplus.


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