Of course a single person in Government has power to do anything they want to…………

Photograph by Meredith B

I’ve always thought Clare Curran was an idiot. But quite frankly, she’s just proven it beyond any doubt by effectively saying Peter Dunne has the power to do absolutely anything within Government.

Newstalk ZB is reporting that Curran is:

“calling [Peter] Dunne a hypocrite over his criticism of the Government allowing commercial radio station Kiwi FM to continue broadcasting on a public service frequency.”

Dunne has said that it is insulting to people who tried to save TVNZ 7.

Here’s where Curran loses any credibility she might have said though (not that I think she had any to begin with).

She says as a member of the Government he had a chance to save TVNZ7 but he didn’t do so.

Ms Curran says it makes his criticism of the Kiwi FM decision ring hollow.

Given Peter Dunne did attempt to save TVNZ 7, one can only assume that she is saying Peter Dunne didn’t step in and make some sort of executive decision that he doesn’t have the power to make.

As much as I’m not a fan of Peter Dunne, I think that for people who believe TVNZ 7 should have been saved, Peter Dunne deserves a bit of credit for what he tried to do. But hey, being in opposition isn’t about promoting your policy in New Zealand, it’s about saying the Government is wrong with absolutely everything they do, no matter what.

Just on a side note, back in February, I wrote about my thoughts on what’s happening with the non-commercial youth frequencies that Kiwi FM is using. Have a read if you want.


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