Mythical creatures are evidence of ownership?

Image licensed by Manatū Taonga for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence

If this post is written poorly, it’s because I’m shell-shocked right now. You know what the Maori Council has said proves Maori water rights now? Taniwha. That’s right – a mythical creature is proof that iwi own the waterways.

According to the New Zealand Herald:

The Maori Council has asked the Waitangi Tribunal for a ruling that the relationship of Maori to the water was one of full-blown ownership, saying although Pakeha did not understand the concept of taniwha as guardian spirits of waterways, there was strong evidence of Maori belief that they ‘owned’ the water.

Firstly, my understanding is that Maori didn’t believe they owned the land and water – they believed that the land and water were their ancestors and they were caretakers of it. Secondly, how the heck can the claim of a mythical creature prove ownership?

Next time I see a nice car, I think I should take the person driving it to court. Clearly I own it, given my imaginary friend is sitting in the passenger seat…….


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