Taking Up Arms

Photograph by Milan Jurek

Gun control – it’s a big political thing in the US. If you say you want it, it’s likely the end of your political career. Most people around the world don’t understand it. Personally, I’m not going to even try. I’m just going to try and say why they’re wrong.

Every time there’s a major shooting in the US, gun control is brought up. After the “Batman Shooting”, we saw a bunch of images saying that gun control = dictatorship. For example:

Not long after the shooting, Piers Morgan was doing a segment on CNN about gun control. One radio host got a little upset about that:

You like being a little disarmed coward with bodyguards? Good. Get out of my country, move to North Korea. Get out of here you jellyfish, soft, lying, scumbag parasite. You are a joke and you have almost no viewers. You are a joke. You are a joke.

It seems odd to me that Americans always have a reason to keep their guns. Whether it’s to “keep the nigger slaves in line” or to “keep the terrorist muslims away”. It might be a huge generalisation, but it seems that America’s access to guns always comes back to a racist, redneck belief in something.

Why does any normal human being need an automatic weapon? In recent years, the US has relaxed restrictions around automatic weapons. The “Batman Shooting” only happened because someone can legally acquire four guns, and thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammunition. None of the weaponry used in the shooting was obtained illegally. Doesn’t that say something about the lack of gun control laws in America?


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  1. Okay, so it needs to be said that there is a much more nuanced and reasonable explanation as to why the US has such an attitude towards the ownership of weapons. Firstly, it was constitutionally enshrined in the second amendment that all citizens ‘have the right to bear arms,’ not because of some racist weltanschuang, but rather due to the need for a citizen’s militia. This was predicated on the idea that if the government should ever destroy the ‘liberty and freedoms’ that the early colonists enjoyed (like the British crown supposedly had done), then there would be a response from the general populace. Following the perceived success of this form of warfare during the Revolutionary War, it was thought to be a basic requirement for a functioning, federal and free state, and was thus put forward following the Constitutional Convention.

    Of course things have changed today and the historical justifications are no longer applicable, but due to the nature of the US political system, especially in regards to amending the Constitution, little can be done. Both the left and the right do seek constitutional change, yet the same arguments are advanced by either side of the political spectrum. The left want more control over weaponry, and claim that the Constitution should be updated and interpreted. By the same token, the right often claim that the separation between church and state should be re-interpreted, as should the amendments concerning Federal taxation. The response in regards to the other sides’ position is almost always: we cannot change the Constitution. In other words, constitutional-originalism and interpretation are used when it is politically expedient to do so. Ergo, the issue over gun control is inherently difficult and isn’t very easily dealt with, regardless of how idiotic it may seem to the non-US American.

    This all being said, I do believe that the relaxed control of weaponry in the United States has contributed significantly to the prevalence of mass shootings that take place almost annually.

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