Time to stop pushing your luck, guys…

Photograph by Andrea Kratzenberg

Now the Maori Council has had a minor victory when it comes to water rights, three Ngapuhi claimants have lodged a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal saying they have wind rights.

Personally, I believe that no one owns the water or wind, and the stewardship of such resources lies with the Crown and the Crown alone. This is part of the social contract that all people have between themselves and the Crown. But even if we do accept that Maori do have rights over these resources and are the stewards of them, that doesn’t give them the right to siphon profits from independent commercial entities. It gives them the right to be involved with the decision making process – and I emphasise being involved. They shouldn’t have any sort of veto right. If they should have anything, it would be a single vote on a board making decisions.

I do stand by this being a breach of the social contract though. If you don’t like the way the Crown is responding to something, you vote in a new Government. Maori already have special rights in this process with the Maori electorates. We can’t go past the fact that this is giving special privileges based on race. It’s purely racism. Nothing more, nothing less.


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