Well, here’s a way to get the public back on side…

UPDATE: Seems the article I read from the Dominon Post website was incorrect. John Key has not vetoed the visa. Instead, the visa’s sponsor withdrew support, meaning Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson had no choice but to cancel the visa.

Seems that John Key is after public support again, after vetoing the visa of Mike Tyson.

The visa was accepted on the basis that even though Tyson had committed serious crime, he has not been convicted of another crime in twenty years and he would be in the country for less than 24 hours.

However, Prime Minister John Key has now overturned that visa, saying:

“I don’t have anything personally against Mike Tyson, but I have something deeply personal against people who rape other people and commit crimes against women.”

Seems the Prime Minister has decided the public might like this, given there is almost no chance of him offending if he does come into the country, which is the main reason we stop people with criminal convictions entering the country. Immigration had this one right.


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