HOPping to it – the final phase

Image sourced from the Omnibus Society.
Yes, there’s a society named after the word that “bus” comes from and is no longer in common usage.

Dear God this has been a long process. There’s been not one, not two, not three, but four posts over the past 18 months about this. I’m sure I’ve posted more about HOP to be honest, but I can’t find the posts.

It looks like it’s finally moving into the final phase of actual integrated ticketing in Auckland. AT HOP, which will be the actual integrated ticket, will be on sale from 22 October and start being used on trains from the end of the month. The 31st of November will see AT HOP being used on ferries.

We don’t quite know when the AT HOP card will be used on buses. The most recent estimate I could find (though, to be fair, I didn’t really look too deeply) was it could be as late as August 2013. I think that unlikely now given Auckland Transport has made the decision to push bus companies toward the Thales systems. I expect it will be mid-April at the latest.

What will be interesting is the acquisition of AT HOP cards. Will Auckland Transport charge for these. According to a report from Auckland Transport Chief Executive, David Warburton, there will be four categories for what the terms of sale for the AT HOP card will be.

From Auckland Transport’s Chief Executive’s report to the September Board meeting.
Image from transportblog.co.nz

What’s being said to everyone is that you need to buy an AT HOP for $10. This might not be the case. While this report is quite clear, it’s somewhat different to what Auckland Transport has said thus far. As such, I’ve sent a message to Auckland Transport via the MyHOP website. It said:

 Hi there,

I have seen that according to documents from Auckland Transport’s September board meeting, public transport patrons using HOP with Snapper who also require an AT HOP card will be able to get an AT HOP card for free. This is found in Agenda Item 8 from the Board Meeting.

What I would like to know is if this means that patrons who require a HOP with Snapper card for travel on NZ Bus services and an AT HOP card for travel on trains or ferries will be able to get an AT HOP card for free? If not, why not, given this is listed as the terms of sale, according to Auckland Transport’s Chief Executive in this report.

Please be aware, the response to this will be published publicly.

Daniel Farrell

As the message says, I will be publishing the response here.


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