Calling Shearer’s bluff?

David Shearer has been looking a little stressed after saying there is a recording of John Key being told about the Dotcom phone hacking.

Shearer said there was this recording. John Key said he couldn’t remember that meeting. Shearer then took it one step further by implying the Government had ordered the recording be deleted and, in doing so, tells everyone that he has no recording and, as such, no evidence that the recording ever existed.

Shearer had a political win. The left had made the assertion that John Key had lied. People had bought their assertion. Shearer should have shut up then. He didn’t. What happens next? The National Party starts accusing Shearer of being the liar, saying the recording never existed.

What we have here is a situation where someone is without doubt lying. Either John Key was not told about the Dotcom spying, or there was a recording of him being told. The evidence, unfortunately for Labour, points toward that person being Shearer.

I say this because unless the hard drive was irreversibly destroyed, something there would surely be evidence of, then a forensic IT professional could recover the recording. That leaves us with three options. Firstly, there’s evidence of it being destroyed. Secondly, the recording can be recovered. Thirdly, Shearer is lying. Given the first two haven’t happened, that leaves only one option.

And let’s be honest, if you didn’t have something to hide, would you really be acting like Shearer did at the beginning of this video?


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  1. He got set up by whoever told him there was a video

    • I don’t buy that for a second. He knows what he’s doing. You don’t make wild claims without AT LEAST double sourcing your information, and when it’s something this major, seeing some sort of evidence.

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