AT HOP a little bit confused

Seems Auckland Transport feels this way…

Today, I received my AT HOP card. Because I’ve got a Snapper/HOP card, I got it for free. Cool. What’s not so cool is the utter confusion as to what products are going to be available.

According to a brochure that is being given to people at Britomart (my mother went and got an AT HOP can asked for a brochure and was given that one), “only HOP Money is available for use on ferries”. Additionally, it is implied that only HOP Money and Monthly Passes will be available for train users.

Contrast this with the AT HOP Prospectus, available at This prospectus says there are three products available to be used with AT HOP – HOP Money, Period Pass (like Monthly Passes) and Pre-Paid Trip. The explanation of Pre-Paid Trip says:

a discounted trip credit loaded onto an AT HOP Card for trips
over a number of stages for buses and trains or a particular ferry service

It specifically says it can be used on trains and ferries. So what’s correct? The prospectus, which is a legal document, or the brochure being given to customers asking for more information?

Obviously, it is possible that pre-paid trips will be available from later in the process, but they need to let people know this. It would be great if they could tell us how much this stuff is going to cost, too.

I am going to request Auckland Transport give comment on this – given they’ve been quite good so far, I suspect I’ll get a reply at some point, which I will post as soon as I do get it.


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