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I will admit it – I was wrong


Probably not the most relevant picture in the world, but it looks like it’s a school bus…. (Image by Fre Sonneveld)


I was looking through some of the old posts in here, and I came across one that surprised me. I had forgotten that, at the time of their launch here, I wrote a post about my opposition to Charter Schools. After seeing some of the results from these schools, I have to admit, I think I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Forgetting we live in the real world

Depositphotos_78455986_original.jpgIt’s been a long while since I’ve posted here, so a bit of a reminder. I am a tertiary student, and a former Director of the Waikato Students’ Union. I’ve been around tertiary education since 2010, and have no idea of how the New Zealand Initiative can fail to see the flaws in its conclusions on interest free student loans. Read the rest of this entry

Share details set, left decide to be wrong

Image by Robert Linder Source

This evening, the Government has announced the final details of the Mighty River Power share offer, which will be officially listed on Friday. The share price is going to be $2.50, and about 113,000 share packages are being purchased. It will create about $1.7 billion for the Government. Read the rest of this entry

Why I was wrong about drugs

Note, in this post, I was referring to recreational drugs. Hard drugs are obviously a whole different ball game.

This isn’t exactly topical, but I’ve been doing a little thinking recently. Up to a couple weeks ago, I’ve said that I don’t support legalisation of drugs because I don’t feel that there’s enough of a mandate to do it. By mandate, I mean not enough people support the idea. That was my view. Read the rest of this entry

A living wage – not at crazy as the right says

I’ve just seen a very backward and unusual article that Rodney Hide has written for the New Zealand Herald. It talks of the left’s “latest cause” for a “living wage”. Personally, I disagree with both the left’s “let’s raise the minimum wage” stance on a living wage, and the right’s “the market doesn’t agree so neither do we” stance. But more on that later. Read the rest of this entry