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Why I was wrong about drugs

Note, in this post, I was referring to recreational drugs. Hard drugs are obviously a whole different ball game.

This isn’t exactly topical, but I’ve been doing a little thinking recently. Up to a couple weeks ago, I’ve said that I don’t support legalisation of drugs because I don’t feel that there’s enough of a mandate to do it. By mandate, I mean not enough people support the idea. That was my view. Read the rest of this entry

Once again, the Waikato Times prints an article that misses the point…

I guess you can tell from the title of this that I don’t like the Waikato Times. That would be because I could shit on a piece of paper and it would be more likely to be on the mark than most things printed in the Waikato Times. And they’ve done it again in this opinion piece on Climate Change/Global Warming. Read the rest of this entry