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Politicalisation is about thoughts on politics. That’s not thoughts of just the author, but everyone’s thoughts.

If you want to comment, that’s fine, but keep it clean. This is not a forum to abuse other people. Comments like that will not be accepted.

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Use some common sense. This is not about censorship. It’s about keeping this clean, and about ensuring that the authors of this site are not held liable for any comments here.

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  1. This site seems to be nothing but a right wing vent your spleen site so far, luckily its relatively insignificant, all I’ve seen so far are attacks on the greens, labour and the occupy movement, I guess everybody has a right to expression of their opinion, even if they are ignorant and biased.


    • Hi Quinntin.

      I’m pretty sure Liam would not be stoked about that accusation, firstly because he’s far from right wing in what he writes here and secondly because it’s not at all true.

      Both Liam and I have written against right wing parties here. In fact, I’m in the process of arranging a series of writings that are completely neutral, given I will be saying what I don’t like about all of the parties.

      I created this site so I could vent a bit about politics as I have to be completely apolitical when I do stuff on Hamilton’s Contact FM. Having somewhere to vent makes that easier.

      Do look for the “Daniel’s Election 2011” series coming soon.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. Hi Daniel,

    Just pointing out the minor spelling error in your main post. Bad language is foul, rather than fowl which is a synonym for a bird.

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