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Forgetting we live in the real world

Depositphotos_78455986_original.jpgIt’s been a long while since I’ve posted here, so a bit of a reminder. I am a tertiary student, and a former Director of the Waikato Students’ Union. I’ve been around tertiary education since 2010, and have no idea of how the New Zealand Initiative can fail to see the flaws in its conclusions on interest free student loans. Read the rest of this entry

A living wage – not at crazy as the right says

I’ve just seen a very backward and unusual article that Rodney Hide has written for the New Zealand Herald. It talks of the left’s “latest cause” for a “living wage”. Personally, I disagree with both the left’s “let’s raise the minimum wage” stance on a living wage, and the right’s “the market doesn’t agree so neither do we” stance. But more on that later. Read the rest of this entry

Why the Government has got it right (this time)

Budget 2012 has come and gone. Once again, we’ve got a zero budget. Once again, we’re on target to have a budget surplus by 2014/15. And I do believe that we’re headed in the right direction. Read the rest of this entry

Occupy Yourself!

I am getting a little sick of the Occupy Wall Street people. They are bad. But the fact is, Occupy Auckland or Occupy Queen Street, depending on who you talk to, are much, much worse. Read the rest of this entry

Do the same as others, get the same result… Unless you’re a Green supporter

Today, an article by Owen Glenn on the NZ Herald website was drawn to my attention. A friend of mine who is quite into the Green Party sort of thing and believes in Climate Change, etc, was saying how disgusting it was. So I read the article and, without much surprise, found that it made more sense than I’ve seen from New Zealand politics in a long time. Read the rest of this entry