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VSM – it passed. Time to give it a rest.

I know most of you won’t believe this, but I am putting up a post right now slamming both sides of the VSM debate. You are both wrong and you both need to grow up. Read the rest of this entry

“I know… Let’s protest something that makes no difference to us…”

I really am getting sick of hearing about Voluntary Student Membership and how terrible it is. I personally don’t see how moaning is going to make things easier for students associations next year – and it’s certainly not going to stop the bill passing. Read the rest of this entry

“Let’s make VSM a Treaty claim”… Oh help us…

According to a press release put out today by the New Zealand University Students Association, Maori students have put a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal to say that the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill 2009 is a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi. They have submitted this “due to the negative impacts this Bill will have on Māori development and advancement”. Read the rest of this entry

Will Labour let VSM pass to get to their bill?

So, Labour is putting forward the State-Owned Enterprises and Crown Entities (Protecting New Zealand’s Strategic Assets) Amendment Bill. Effectively, what Labour is trying to do is stop the sale of SOEs. In reality, what it will do is slightly slow down such sales. But regardless, they have tabled this bill. Except the way Labour’s going right now, it won’t be debated before the election. Details of this bill can be found at Read the rest of this entry

Voluntary Student Membership: Get over it

I’ve just seen a press release (here) by the New Zealand University Students Association. They are basically a collective of the different student unions throughout New Zealand, and frankly, they really are starting to drive me insane. Read the rest of this entry