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AT HOP a little bit confused

Seems Auckland Transport feels this way…

Today, I received my AT HOP card. Because I’ve got a Snapper/HOP card, I got it for free. Cool. What’s not so cool is the utter confusion as to what products are going to be available. Read the rest of this entry

Credit where credit is due

Last week, you may remember that I posted about the new AT HOP, saying that it might be possible for people with a Snapper/HOP to get a free AT HOP.  I added a message that I’d sent to Auckland Transport to confirm this. Read the rest of this entry

HOPping for free

A couple days ago, I posted about a message I sent to Auckland Transport regarding HOP. As is unsurprising, I haven’t yet received a response via email. I have, however, received a response via Twitter. Read the rest of this entry

HOPping to it – the final phase

Image sourced from the Omnibus Society.
Yes, there’s a society named after the word that “bus” comes from and is no longer in common usage.

Dear God this has been a long process. There’s been not one, not two, not three, but four posts over the past 18 months about this. I’m sure I’ve posted more about HOP to be honest, but I can’t find the posts. Read the rest of this entry

About time we HOPped to it, isn’t it?

Photograph by Guy Halpe

HOP has been in the media again this week, yet we’re still none the wiser as to what’s going on. Word from inside Auckland Transport is there will be an announcement tomorrow, but nothing has filtered through yet as to what that announcement might be. Read the rest of this entry