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Safe as the proverbial houses

1469494757905Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of talk about Andrew Little. Labour’s support is at best static since the last election, and that was considered to be one of the worst results the Labour Party has ever seen. There’s been comment that, surely, Andrew Little has to go before the election so the Labour Party has any chance at winning the 2017 election. Read the rest of this entry

Calling Shearer’s bluff?

David Shearer has been looking a little stressed after saying there is a recording of John Key being told about the Dotcom phone hacking. Read the rest of this entry

Well, here’s a way to get the public back on side…

UPDATE: Seems the article I read from the Dominon Post website was incorrect. John Key has not vetoed the visa. Instead, the visa’s sponsor withdrew support, meaning Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson had no choice but to cancel the visa.

Seems that John Key is after public support again, after vetoing the visa of Mike Tyson. Read the rest of this entry

State Owned Enterprise IPO announcement – some good, some bad

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This afternoon, we’ve seen the announcement from Prime Minister John Key on what the Government intends to do on the sale of Mighty River Power after the Waitangi Tribunal requested the Government delay the IPO of SOEs so they can be given time to make a final decision regarding Maori Water Rights. They also mentioned the possibility of giving iwi “Shares Plus”, effectively meaning that these iwi would have the right to be involved with the decision making process when it comes to certain issues. Read the rest of this entry


Photograph by Steve Knight

This morning, I received a press release from the Green Party. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but facepalm with that. They cannot be serious… Read the rest of this entry