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Share details set, left decide to be wrong

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This evening, the Government has announced the final details of the Mighty River Power share offer, which will be officially listed on Friday. The share price is going to be $2.50, and about 113,000 share packages are being purchased. It will create about $1.7 billion for the Government. Read the rest of this entry

Where Shearer’s going wrong

I guess this is more a “what would I do if I was David Shearer” than anything else, but Shearer is doing a lot wrong right now, even with the media trying as hard as they can to play into his hands. I think it’s safe to say that National is at a buffet right now, with a third term as Government being the main course. Read the rest of this entry

State Owned Enterprise IPO announcement – some good, some bad

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This afternoon, we’ve seen the announcement from Prime Minister John Key on what the Government intends to do on the sale of Mighty River Power after the Waitangi Tribunal requested the Government delay the IPO of SOEs so they can be given time to make a final decision regarding Maori Water Rights. They also mentioned the possibility of giving iwi “Shares Plus”, effectively meaning that these iwi would have the right to be involved with the decision making process when it comes to certain issues. Read the rest of this entry


Photograph by Steve Knight

This morning, I received a press release from the Green Party. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but facepalm with that. They cannot be serious… Read the rest of this entry

Encouraging “Mum and Dad” investors – you’re doing it wrong

With the process of the Mixed Ownership Model almost complete, details of the share offer are starting to become clear. Up until now, all that was known is that the Government was going to promote ordinary New Zealanders purchasing these shares. Read the rest of this entry