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Let’s spend millions of dollars to move a piece of paper down the road…

The Government has announced that they’re intending on moving the original Treaty of Waitangi, with a number of other historic documents, from Archives New Zealand to the National Library. It’s about 120 metres down the road, yet it will cost $6.7 million. Read the rest of this entry

Daniel’s Election 2011: United Future

This is the fifth part of a nine part series, Daniel’s Election 2011. For the first part on the Green Party, click here. For the second part on the Mana Party, click here. For the third part on New Zealand First, click here. For the fourth part on the Labour Party, click here. If you’re coming to this after others have been posted, go down to the bottom at the comment section – you’ll be after the trackbacks.

United Future is like a woman who is so horny she’ll have sex with anyone. United Future is so eager to be in Government that they’ll go with anyone. They do, however, have a surprising number of policies. Read the rest of this entry

Daniel’s Election 2011: Te Mana

This is part two of a nine part series leading up to Election 2011. Check out part one on the Green Party here. The other parts will be available in the comment section as trackbacks.

The Mana Party, or more officially, Te Mana, is a bit of a rebel group really. In fact, they’re a rebel break off group of a rebel break off group for the most part. Read the rest of this entry

The white man. The only person who can be racist.

Over the weekend, we had the comments from Margaret Mutu, Head of Maori Studies at Auckland University, saying that we should reduce the number of white people migrating to New Zealand. Now, she’s said those comment’s can’t be racist, because it’s not possible for Maori to be racist. Read the rest of this entry

“Let’s make VSM a Treaty claim”… Oh help us…

According to a press release put out today by the New Zealand University Students Association, Maori students have put a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal to say that the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill 2009 is a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi. They have submitted this “due to the negative impacts this Bill will have on Māori development and advancement”. Read the rest of this entry